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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Book 3: The Book Of Ruby

It's no secret that ruby is the current language of choice among trendy developers, most of them seduced by the Ruby on Rails web framework. To be proficient with any framework, one must master it's underlying language, and this PDF book perfectly suits this need.

Author: Huw Collingbourne
Valoration: 6 / 10
Length: 425

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Book 2: Pro Git

Pro Git is a book that reveals the mysteries and intrinsics of the Git version control system in an understandable way. The surprise here is that the author, albeit having the book published in paperback by Apress, offers the book for free online. Why would I ever consider Git, you may ask? Well, you won't be fashionable unless you do :p.

Author: Scott Chacon
Valoration: 9 / 10
Length: 288 pages (paperback version)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Book 1: 12 Things to Shorten Your Lead Time

A sweet & short free eBook (18 pages) explaining techniques to reduce lead time of software development, this is, from when you have the brilliant idea to become next Facebook until it becomes reality and makes you utterly rich (nowadays, less poor).

Author: Stephan Schmidt
Valoration: 8 / 10
Length: 18 pages

Welcome to booksmusthave

Hello everyfreak!

This pretends to be a space to share some good ebooks I found on the Internet.

These ebooks will be related somehow to Computer Science and Software Development, but not limited only to that: eventually some other topics will appear here. I promise. Or not.

My intention is books appearing here to be free, either in the sense of beer or speech.

So enjoy it!