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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Book 2: Pro Git

Pro Git is a book that reveals the mysteries and intrinsics of the Git version control system in an understandable way. The surprise here is that the author, albeit having the book published in paperback by Apress, offers the book for free online. Why would I ever consider Git, you may ask? Well, you won't be fashionable unless you do :p.

Author: Scott Chacon
Valoration: 9 / 10
Length: 288 pages (paperback version)
Book website
Download link: n/a: book can be read online, in HTML format from previous link
License: Creative Commons by-nc-sa 3.0

A version control system is a piece of software that enhances software development by allowing developers to keep track of changes in their source code. It also allows to share source code with other buddies and to develop altogether. And yes you guessed, Git is a vcs, a really painful poweful one. You may ask why should you consider Git at all when subversion works so fine... Well, the answer is simple: you won't be fashionable unless you are on git XD.

The great thing of this book is that it is the first resource I've found that clearly explains the usage of Git. Ok, the official git tutorial & the user guide are also a valuable resources, but their formatting is, well, not the best out there (they are so old-style / retro / 1.0...) On the other hand, Pro Git is a pleasure to read thanks to its clear formatting & good design of its website (the HTML version I mean).

Git is a far more complicated vcs than "simpler" ones like CVS or Subversion, but it is also a more powerful one. Fully understanding it is not an easy task. So the book steps from the basics to the internals of Git and also explains some workflows using Git, how to properly configure it (server part included) or even how to contribute to a project based on Git.

Finally, is worth to mention that if you liked the book you may support its author by purchasing a paperback version of it on Amazon.

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