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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Book 1: 12 Things to Shorten Your Lead Time

A sweet & short free eBook (18 pages) explaining techniques to reduce lead time of software development, this is, from when you have the brilliant idea to become next Facebook until it becomes reality and makes you utterly rich (nowadays, less poor).

Author: Stephan Schmidt
Valoration: 8 / 10
Length: 18 pages
Book website
Download link:

This eBook shines equally by it's content and design, which is clear and with landscape form. It elaborates on 12 actions oriented to cut time devoted to software development and it's targeted primarily to project managers. One thing I really liked is that it doesn't assume any specific software development model, and what it says is equally valid either to agile or traditional methodologies.

A little defect I found is that text font size is a bit too small to be read comfortably onscreen. Also, some figures have so small text that will prevent them to be readable when printed on standard-size paper. In fact, a lot of zooming is required to read them!

It has a custom license (on page 2, also present in eBook website) that allows redistribution of the eBook as long as it remains unaltered, even allowing it to be given away with other products as a bonus. Also, excerpts of the ebook may be republished if attribution is given back to authors website. This sounds like a Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative (CC by-nd), but the eBook has custom wording to basically say the same. Do not be confused by the CC by-nc-sa logo that appears on last page, it refers only to images used in the eBook, and has nothing to do with eBook license!

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